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Salsa & Bachata Night in Ashburn is just the tip of the iceberg. Want to learn more styles beyond salsa & bachata? We also teach lessons in swing, social ballroom styles, weddings, and more. Schedule a private lesson to really fast track your dancing. Not sure what you like? Schedule a private lesson "sample pack" and learn the fundamentals of any 3 dance styles of your choosing.

Private Lessons are 45 minutes. 

$110 for single lesson
$520 for 5 lessons (save 5%)
$990 for 10 lessons (save 10%)
Limited availability 

Why do a $110 Private Lesson when I can take a $20 Group Class??
The real understanding and skill of partner dancing comes from Private Lessons. Ask any great dancer, and they'll agree whole heartedly. There are 2 types of dancers out there: those who truly want to be able to dance, and those who want to try a few classes just for the novelty of it. Do you just want to take a few classes or do you want to really learn to dance?


More event options...

  • Wedding Packages

  • Birthday Packages

  • Office Parties

  • Private Lessons (1-2 people)

  • Semi Private Lessons (3-8 people)

  • Community Events

  • Performances

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